About the vicars

History of Vicars

The list of the earliest vicars is incomplete but the information available shows us the following:

William Balle died 1455

John Ayliff inducted 1456

Dominus William Brett 1535

Michael Hodson died 1578

Richard Holt 1612

Robert Yorke - ejected from the vicarage at the restoration and died young from consumption in 1667

Rev George Hill 1681 still vicar in 1709

Rev Nicholas Nickins 1718-1726

Rev John Rann until 1771

Rev John Slaney 1792

Rev Robert Spooner 1792

Rev John Whalley - non resident 1802-1832

Rev William Cowley - curate 1802-1832 then vicar until 1842

Rev Horace Chavasse 1842-1861

Rev Ludovick Thomas Chavasse 1861-1867

Rev John Meridyth 1867

Rev Frederick Graeme Littlecot 1868-

Rev Thomas Simister

Rev Michael Leadbeatter

Rev David Lingwood

Rev Colin Such 2004-date