Spring Work by Colin Such

Posted 4/8/2017 10:14:51 AM

Much as I would love to sit outside there is much to do.

Spring is certainly here! As I sit at my desk working, if I look up, I see a greater spotted woodpecker disappear into the hole in the tree he has been working at for the last few days just outside one of the study windows. Various other birds are to be seen all over the garden whilst the squirrels frolic in the chestnut tree. The daffodils are still in flower and the bluebells are about to blossom. And yet here I am sat inside at a computer screen. I have to remind myself that lovely though it would be to sit in the garden all day and watch the life taking place all around me, for the birds and the squirrels their activities are deadly serious. They are making nests and finding mates ready for the summer warmth, preparing themselves for the prospect of bringing new life into the world and making sure they have everything they need to give it the best start.
But then in its own way the work done at my desk is just as important, getting things ready so that the life and witness of the church has the best chance of running smoothly, with the annual meetings soon to take place and Easter services, weddings and funerals to do; the work at the desk is as important as that done at the front of church – just not so enjoyable.
So as I sit here pondering which hymns to choose for which service, checking forms and planning agendas I wonder what the woodpecker thinks as he drills deeper into the tree.