This week as we go back into daily routine by Colin Such

Posted 10/01/2019 16:25:45

Sunday 13th January is the Feast of the Baptism of Christ.
Sunday services are:
8am Holy Communion
9am Holy Communion at Christ the King
10.30am Parish Eucharist
6.30pm Said Evening Prayer

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Luke describes Jesus’ baptism simply and calmly. He goes into the water after everyone else and prays. But with the cleansing – what did he need to be cleansed from? – there comes a moment of revelation. The Spirit descends ‘in bodily form like a dove’, and thus has the Spirit been represented ever since. Some hear the voice of God acknowledging Jesus as his Son, whom he loves and with whom God is pleased. Here Luke gives us a Trinitarian scene that reflects all that: dove/Spirit, fire/God the Father, and the recipient Jesus.

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