Annual Meeting by Colin Such

Posted 21/04/2022 16:02:32

Our Vestry Meeting (where the churchwardens are appointed for the coming year) and Annual Parochial Church Meeting (where our church councilors are appointed) take place on Sunday 24th April at 12 noon.

Nominations to date:
For Churchwarden:
Bob Barnard: Proposed Antonio Longhi; seconded Jan Firth
Jan Firth: Proposed Graham Eardley; seconded Carol Owen

From St. Michael’s:
Antonio Longhi: Proposed Bob Barnard, Seconded Jan Firth
Robert Hubble: Proposed Bob Barnard, Seconded Jan Firth
John Vallance: Proposed Bob Barnard, seconded Rose Harris
Denise Kemp: Proposed Jan Firth, Seconded Bob Barnard
Julia Hardisty: Proposed Gill Clark, Seconded Bob Barnard

From Christ the King
David Blakemore: Proposed Simon Gill, seconded Tony Wiseman
Simon Gill: Proposed David Blakemore, seconded Tony Wiseman