Prayers Rushall Parish

Prayers at Rushall Parish


Eternal God, hope of the world,
we cannot grasp the immensity of your being,
and yet all around us we catch glimpses of your power.
You speak to us in nature’s blessings.
You speak to us through science and creativity.
You reveal yourself in the love and the care
and the support of those around us.
You show yourself when we most need to see you.
When we least expect it, we see your hand at work.
We read your Word, time and time again,
and suddenly, we are amazed by seeing something new.
Eternal God, we adore you.

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Previous Prayers

Christ our King

God of mystery and magnificence, we see you as our king.
We read of visions of your throne, flaming and ethereal.
You are beyond our imagining,
beyond our dreams and visions and wildest hopes.
You are in us and with us and among us.
You are all we could imagine and wish for and more.
You are our God, our king of all creation.

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For the journey

God of the country lanes, speeding motorways and city streets,
of twisting paths, straight streets and hidden alleyways,
of the small gate and narrow path,
we ask for provision for our journey,
and to see you walking beside us,
protecting us, encouraging us, loving us.
We pray this in the name of Jesus, who moves us.

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In thanksgiving for God's love

Lord God,
thank you that we are all caught up in your love.
When it spills out from you,
there is more than enough for everyone.
It gushes like a waterfall,
springs like a fountain,
rushes like a wave.
It floods over us, then continues on,
bringing blessing to whoever receives it.
Thank you, Lord,
for allowing us to be part of all this wonder.

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For seeing as we walk with God

We thank you, Lord,
that you are a God of action – and interaction.
You see and want to be seen by us.
We thank you for the amazing sights you have for us,
if we are prepared to call on you.
We thank you that you are a God of healing,
and whichever way you choose to act is always best.
We thank you, Lord.

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