Weddings Rushall Parish

Your Wedding at Rushall

Weddings in church are possible once more following the lifting of some of the restrictions imposed during lockdown.

Numbers are however limited and only 15 people can attend the wedding and, at the moment, singing during the service is not allowed.

Your wedding day is extremely special – obviously to you but also to us and we will do all that we can to make it as special and wonderful as it should be.

Due to its importance, there are various legal requirements surrounding marriage and we will need to meet with you to discuss these and will guide you through them step by step.

Your wedding can be held on any day of the week but, obviously, the availability of bell ringers, choir, etc may be limited on certain days.

The fact that one, or both, parties may have previously been married need not necessarily be a problem although we will need to discuss the situation with you.

Your wedding can be as simple or as grand as you like and no less special whichever options you choose.

The basic fees for a wedding in 2020 are £520 (these are set by law) and this will provide a simple said ceremony. Most couples however wish to add to this and will require heating (in the winter), music, bells, choir etc. – but you will choose which, if any, of the optional extras you wish to have.

A full breakdown of all of the costs will be provided to you as we discuss all your options with you.

If you are interested in having your wedding at St. Michael’s, Rushall, please email us and we will arrange to meet with you to answer all your questions