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Welcome to the Parish of St. Michael the Archangel

Welcome to the Parish of St. Michael the Archangel

Welcome to the Church of England Parish of Rushall, Walsall and the Church of St. Michael the Archangel and also our mission church of Christ the King.
The Parish Church has served our community for nearly 800 years; and the church remains here to welcome, comfort, support and encourage any who come, whatever their reason; the church is here for you today.
To join us in prayer from home go to What we do/church and hall and follow the link.

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Latest Rushall Parish News


This week in Rushall

Sunday 27th May is Trinity Sunday and the first Sunday of "Ordinary Time" - that is the Sundays outside the two main seasons of the Christian year namely Lent, Holy Week and Easter and Advent, Christmas and Epiphany. During ordinary time we follow the Gospel story of Jesus' ministry but we begin by celebrating the Holy Trinity, God's revelation of himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Our services this Sunday are:
8am Holy Communion
There is no 9am service at Christ the King this Sunday
10.30am Parish Eucharist
6.30pm Said Evening Prayer

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In church this week

Sunday 27th May is the feast of Pentecost. We celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the followers of Jesus
Our services on Sunday are:
8am Holy Communion
9am Sung Holy Communion at Christ the King
10.30am Parish Eucharist with Baptism
6.30pm Said Evening Prayer
For the rest of the week click below

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We hope for summer

I have just come back from clergy conference; the theme this year was “Hope”. A great deal of talks were asking “What is hope?” how does it differ from desire, for instance?
Most of us were in fact hoping for the weather to improve (was this hope or just a desire for some warmth?)

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Today's Prayer

A prayer for the week

When I hear your voice, Lord God,
when I hear you whispering my name,
when I hear you call ‘Whom shall I send?’ –
give me the courage, the love, the faith
to respond as Isaiah did: ‘Here am I; send me!’

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