Rushall Parish, Walsall

Are you interested in Baptism?

Baptism of Children

Baptism is an important step, no matter how old the candidate. In the case of children, promises are made by parents and Godparents on the child's behalf and it is hoped that the child will affirm these promises for themselves later in their lives when they come to confirmation. It is necessary therefore that the godparents are themselves baptised and confirmed in order that they can encopurage the child in a life of faith that they themselves have committed to.

If you are interested in having your child baptised please contact us and we will talk to you about what is required and the preparations to be made. There is no fee for a baptism service although there is a small legal fee for the provision of a baptism certificate.

Adult Baptisms

Adult baptism differs to that of children in that promises are being made by someone able to speak on their own behalf. That being so, the promises reflect the reality of that persons own life experience and their intention to become a full member of the church. Adult baptism is linked directly with the service of confirmation and would normally take place at the confirmation service, though, if necessary, the baptism can take place shortly before the service provided that confirmation is to follow shortly.

Adult baptism by definition requires regular attendance at church and follows a course of preparation.