Rushall Parish

St Michael's History

The present Parish church of Rushall is the third church in the history of Rushall. The first church was built by the Lords of the manor of Rushall close to Rushall Hall.

Together with Walsall Parish Church it was appropriated in the year 1220 to the newly founded Praemonstratensian Abbey at Halesowen, 12 miles away in Worcestshire. “Appropriation” of parish churches (along with their endowment income) was a means of providing support for the monastries. The Abbot would become the Rector of the parish, of which he would receive the whole income. He would then provide a priest as his deputy known as the “vicar” to offer Mass and provide pastoral care in the parish. This vicar would be supported from the income of the parish and the remainder retained for the Abbey funds.